Friday, July 14, 2017

Rachael REDACTED's Current Query

Today we have Rachel's query letter for REDACTED.

The letter:


What if the answer to a lifelong question comes as the sound of a death knell? This is what 17-year-old Lilah Crowne hears only days before Ascension Day, her eighteenth birthday and the day she’ll come into her full anima.

Set in a future where everyone has magical abilities, Lilah—a member of the Nox sect and an orphan of the War—is a particularly gifted Warrior student in her last year of schooling at the acclaimed Black Hill Academy. While her fellow students have a sense of direction for what they are to do after graduation, Lilah is uncertain of what her future holds. After participating in the yearly Ludi, a set of competitions against the Lux, the infamous Alessandra Hilt storms the celebrations, killing Lilah’s beloved Guardian, Verna. Raked by profound grief, Lilah soon discovers that Alessandra Hilt, motivated by a premonition told after her birth, seeks to kill her.

Thrust into the remnants of Alessandra and her sister’s War, Lilah is forced to make uneasy alliances with Caleb Addison, a young Lux man who Lilah ties with at the Ludi. But to survive, they must outmaneuver Alessandra and her horde of bewitched Warriors, all while Lilah conquers the secret enemy, the one within. As Ascension Day comes closer, she finds herself slipping into a darkness unfathomable.

Along the way, Lilah must learn to grow the parts of herself the Nox deem useless and to continue on when facing great adversity. And when all might be lost, she must learn how to channel her burgeoning power, the same power that can end the War for good—or Lilah herself.

My 105,000-word novel, REDACTED, is a NA Urban Fantasy, coming-of-age tale that combines the magic, mystery, and friendship of Harry Potter and the dark political and social turmoil of The Hunger Games.

REDACTED is a novel for anyone who’s ever had a secret knowing of themselves that they could never bring to light—without a little magic.

This is my first novel, and is part of a trilogy that I’m working on (already have first drafts for both the second and third installments).

Thank you for considering REDACTED.



That's it!

Please thank Rachael for having the courage to share this with us, and like me, save your feedback for tomorrow!

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